Dating in 2018

Dating has changed drastically from what it used to be. People are now enabled by all sorts of apps and websites leading to too many options for some people. I would consider the dating market to be highly competitive when compared to years past. Now instead of having to manually reject someone in person, all people have to do is swipe “No”. To me it’s kind of sad considering people have lost the human element.

Now there is a new entrant to the dating market that makes me even more depressed. I call this the evil Umbrella Corporation in the video game series “Resident Evil”. The one that created all the zombies… You won’t even believe what company this is. Surprise, it’s Facebook, the company with countless human rights violations. If you don’t believe me watch the movie “The Social Network”. I could go on about how toxic this company is but they just got 50 million people hacked so I’ll let you come to your own conclusions.

The real point of this blog article is to talk about dating…

My Father And Bitcoin

Over the past few years I have had quite a few bumps in the road. Especially in 2016 for reasons I will not get into in this post. Basically, my Father (Sherman Schlar) has cut off financial support for me, when I needed it the most due to the fact that I have previously owned Bitcoin in his estimation. I think this is unjust, and downright spiteful on his part. I’ve been told that my Father is a Statist. This makes me think we need Bitcoin used as Cash more than ever. He’s also not sophisticated enough to understand Crypto Finance. Whether he loves me or not, I can’t tell. He also refuses to disclose his future plans including his Will with me even though he has lung cancer.

After all of the good I have done for the man, I feel like he lacks appreciation for me his only Son. I even saved his life once when he capsized a catamaran we were sailing in Martha’s Vineyard. I would like to know what the Internet thinks about my predicament.

Am I out of line in my thought process? There is …

Science Fiction World

Sometimes right before bed fear consumes me. I feel like I’m staring at the abyss. My mind is in hyper drive and I’m thinking what is going to happen tomorrow. Will my world change for the worse? I feel like I’m falling. Will my feet ever reach solid ground again or will I keep slipping into a very, very dark place and be totally consumed. Will I get stuck on a ledge while falling and just burn there for eternity.

In our new and shiny science fiction world 1000 cuts will slowly destroy people’s lives. One day you might just wake up and be ruined. I see it online all the time with people desperate for assistance after a string of bad life events. This is what drives people to suicide. I predict in the future suicide booths could be quite popular.

Roger Ver says babies are dying because people don’t have access to sound money aka Bitcoin BCH. This is completely true especially in countries where inflation is out of control. For example, in Venezuela, the local currency has become compl…

My World

Every day I wake up and worry about my world. Some days I am scared. I wonder why life is getting harder and harder each day. It didn’t used to be this way. What am I doing wrong? Sometimes, I look up to God and ask this question. Some days are better than others. I read the news and see fear. Lately, I try to read news that inspires me. That makes me a better person. I try to do the right thing and help people in need around me. Why do I do this? Because, what if instead of being me, I was in their shoes. Wouldn’t they appreciate the help?

The world is evolving quickly now. Instead of living life like its 1950’s America, we live in a world of science fiction. Technologies are changing faster than people can keep up. I worry sometimes, what if I can’t keep up? I think this is on the minds of many people throughout the world. What if the cost of items I need gets too expensive for me to pay for? Then what? Do I give up and end my life? I’m sure this thought process has gone through p…

EDM Songs Of The Week 2

Here are my top 3 favorite EDM songs this week. Enjoy!

EDM Songs Of The Week

Here are my top 3 favorite EDM songs this week. Enjoy!

Nature Walk 2

Today's blog post is about my second nature walk on vacation. This post contains two videos. One video is about me walking on a log over a creek. Watch the video to see if I fall in the water. The second video is a 360 degree view of a pretty meadow with paths cut into it. Enjoy!

Nature Walk

I am currently on vacation so the next post will occur when I have inspiration or get back. This video is about a nature walk and shows a river flowing that has eroded the land for many years. It is kind of nice and peaceful.
The next video is a 360 degree view inside the basin.
This video is about Jared walking through the river.
Viewing a waterfall under rocks.
Looking over a bridge down at the river and pathway below.
Looking at the bridge from the bottom up.
Looking at the river while walking down a walkway. There were swimmers in the water which is hard to see from the video.
I hope you enjoyed my walk!

Crypto Market Update 3

Here is my estimated price target for Bitcoin in the short term ($9,000) -

If you haven’t noticed most cryptos are highly correlated with the movements of Bitcoin right now. So wherever Bitcoin goes, until something changes, I imagine most other cryptos will go. There is an opportunity to margin trade Bitcoin right now. The way it was explained to me is basically, you could buy small cryptos with what is called in equities as high Beta. Or you could just buy a bigger coin with a lower Beta, take on some leverage and goose your returns with lower risk. Keep in mind, margin trading is incredibly risky.

This data is thanks to -
Some pundits including Tone Vays are still saying that we will be going to $5,000 per Bitcoin before the next full on bull market. Right now, I believe that is false. I think we have a chance to break out and gain som…

Peak Facebook?

Now that we have crypto, facebook and other FANG related stocks are less valuable. The private ledgers of these FANG companies don’t provide as much public good as the public blockchains. In the future they will become less relevant.

For example, this author describes peak facebook as a result of lower daily active users and monthly active users associated with the countries that generate cash for the company. Interestingly, the United States and Europe provide more revenue than most other regions.

Also, note that these FANG companies briefly disallowed ads related to cryptocurrency projects on their platforms. They have since retracted that block, probably because they are desperate for the revenue provided by high growth crypto. In my opinion, investing in crypto is like skiing downhill vs cross country skiing. It’s more fun because gravity is your friend. The world is going in this…

Bitcoin Cash Development Series

If you've had the opportunity to visit Coin Dance's development page, there’s a lot of creative energy evident. Several concepts are under discussion, six are classified as under development and five are completed. In an effort to raise awareness of the diligent efforts of our fellow BCH enthusiasts, this is the first of a series of articles on development projects relating to either the BCH source code or the manner in which BCH is processed by financial software. In this article, I will highlight four proposed upgrades to the BCH ecosystem in various stages of development. In a later article, I will discuss two additional development proposals in progress, as well as interview some BCH developers about the challenges they face as innovators in this burgeoning and impactful blockchain space. Finally, in a third article, I will describe the 5 development projects described as complete on Coin Dance.

The 4 projects I will summarize today are:

BUIP078: Enable Binary Contracts …

Crypto Market Update 2

I believe the crypto market is going to go down in the short term based on the fact that many ERC-20 tokens could be considered securities. Also, the Ethereum-blockchain size has exceeded 1TB, and yes, it’s an issue. If you couple this with evidence that suggests Ripple’s XRP is a security (based on investor lawsuits), then one could postulate that there is a downward adjustment needed. Here are a few news sources to back up my thoughts: